Learn, Heal, and Grow from wounds that have been holding you back. 

Our speciality  is walking with you through your past trauma so you can take control of your life again. 

I am a abuse survivor, psychotherapist, writer and educator with a mission to help others reclaim their  power, reject shame and walk boldly towards life of balance, freedom and, joy. The things we've gone through don't have to define us. My mission is helping trauma survivors discover their power, honor their experience, and move forward toward a life of freedom and joy. By developing radical self-compassion, cultivating safety within, and learning to reject the voice of shame, I've stepped into a life I used to dream of. It would be an honor to help you do the same.

Founder & lead therapist at
root to Bloom therapy

Hi there, I am

Tesa  Saulmon

The aftermath of trauma, is dark, lonely, and uncomfortable  place.You don't have to  face  it alone. With trauma-informed and evidenced based practices we support you by validating your emotions and giving you the tools and space  to heal. 

What  trauma SURVIVORS need to heal is a safe space to process, ALLOWING our flight fight, freeze and fawn RESPONSE to rest.

Let's get to the root, and help you bloom. 

Our clinicians create courses and resources to help trauma survivors, educators, and therapists better understand trauma, and related issues so you can thrive again. 

Workshops  and  Courses

Trauma-informed and competent therapy can help your healing by providing you with a space to feel validated and supported in the terrifying aftermath of trauma. Our therapists empower you with the tools and support you through your healing process.

Individual Therapy

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