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Toxic behavior doesn’t just inflict hurt; it damages well-being, prompting us to believe that it reflects how others see us.  In high school, I remember a social media platform that you can submit comments about someone anonymously. The user could log in and see what others have posted about them. I remember specifically a comment […]

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Worry is something that we all experience. It could be about financial security, our future, security, relationships, or health.  Worry is that sense of insecurity, unease, and fear over what negative events may happen – as unrealistic as these concerns maybe – is one of the most unpleasant emotions that you can experience as a […]

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When I first heard this term I didnt quite understand it. Did it mean to stay calm? Did it mean to stop what I was doing? Was this a mental skill or a physical skill?  I put it on the back burner and didnt come back to it until I started seeing it more and […]

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Grace and forgiveness can be an overwhelming emotion if you have difficulty applying it to yourself. Often, individuals with low self-esteem have a habit of blaming themselves and have trouble giving themselves grace. Guilt can be overwhelming. Sometimes for things in the past, sometimes for words that were not said or words, that were said. […]





Tesa Saulmon