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When I first heard this term I didnt quite understand it. Did it mean to stay calm? Did it mean to stop what I was doing? Was this a mental skill or a physical skill?  I put it on the back burner and didnt come back to it until I started seeing it more and […]

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Lets be honest; we dont know what to think, stock is down, universities are closing, and sporting events are canceling. This lack of knowledge can be just as terrifying as knowing. This is out of our control, which can give us a feeling of being trapped.To some this is a joke, to some this is […]

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Grace and forgiveness can be an overwhelming emotion if you have difficulty applying it to yourself. Often, individuals with low self-esteem have a habit of blaming themselves and have trouble giving themselves grace. Guilt can be overwhelming. Sometimes for things in the past, sometimes for words that were not said or words, that were said. […]

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I wrote this a few weeks ago, and it is amazing how relevant this has become in my life.  Some people believe that boundaries are negative but, what if I told you they are healthy. I read an article that quoted Howes, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist. He defines a boundary as the line where I […]





Tesa Saulmon