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Toxic behavior doesn’t just inflict hurt; it damages well-being, prompting us to believe that it reflects how others see us.  In high school, I remember a social media platform that you can submit comments about someone anonymously. The user could log in and see what others have posted about them. I remember specifically a comment […]

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  Have you ever listened to a friend and or family member vent, and it feels like youve experienced something traumatic. You get angry at your best friends ex or you want to protect your family from hurt? Have you ever heard something happened on the news and your heart drops and a faint pain […]

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    If youve never had suicidal thoughts, it can be challenging to comprehend what it feels like. If you have thought about suicide in your life, it can feel extremely isolating and may feel impossible to talk about with someone else. This is a tough subject for me for several reasons, but I want […]





Tesa Saulmon