I have depression and anxiety. There was a lot of trauma in my childhood. In my early 20s’ I had a hard time dealing with these traumas. I then gained weight and had a negative body image. During this time I had lots of confusion on faith and religion. The topics I talk about are not easy topics, but they are important, and I hope they help you feel connected. 

I am here to tell you, you are not alone. 

Human beings are meant for connection, and when we experience something that disrupts life, we automatically feel disconnected. 

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Short-term 12 or ANY Marvel movie

favorite movie:

Purple and Green! I love royal colors. 

favorite color:

Hands down coke, but I also love any juice

favorite drink:

Mexican food! Cali spoiled me rotten.

favorite food:

I am from California and moved to Florida in 2011. I met my husband at the University of West Florida. He is a Naval Aviator, and I am in a Masters Program for Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I am a passionate person with a lot of empathy, which means I persoanlly need alot of self- love to make sure my cup is full to help serve others

Sometimes technology makes it hard for us to remember that the words we read are coming from a human!

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Tesa Saulmon